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  • Mind over matter: EU res
    Mind over matter: EU researchers use brainpower to get moving...
    18 August 2014
    Europe Direct Valletta
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    Meeting to introduce the New €10 banknote...
    23 July 2014
    Europe Direct Valletta
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    Meeting on EU funds for business 2014-2020...
    12 June 2014
    Europe Direct Valletta
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    Introducing the New Series €5 banknote...
    09 April 2014
    Europe Direct Valletta
  • Launch of Europe Direct
    Europe Direct Valletta through a Press Conference launches its services which...
    08 May 2013
    Europe Direct Valletta
  • European Health Insuranc
    The EHIC entitles you to reduced-cost and sometimes free medical treatment an...
    29 April 2013
    Europe Direct Valletta
  • EU Citizenship Report: M
    What do European citizens expect from the EU?...
    26 April 2013
    Europe Direct Valletta
  • European Scientific Rese
    Over time, they have by merit earned positions of prestige and power. Somethi...
    25 April 2013
    Europe Direct Valletta
  • No more costly and burea
    The EC is proposing to slash red tape for citizens and businesses by doing aw...
    24 April 2013
    Europe Direct Valletta
GRTU hosts Europe Direct Valletta

GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs is one of the entities chosen to host a Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) for the next five years. The choice of the Europe Direct host organisations was made through a Call for Proposals launched in all EU Member States towards the end of 2012.

The Europe Direct centres in Malta are part of a network of 500 EU information centres across the EU. The other entities chosen are The Local Council Association (LCA), and the Gozo Business Chamber (GBC).

GRTU:   Europe Direct Valletta

LCA:     Europe Direct Central Region

GBC:     Europe Direct Victoria Gozo

The three centres will be able to provide answers to general questions related to the EU and to direct enquiries to the best sources of information on EU matters. They will also have a number of EU publications available for public dissemination.

As an EDIC GRTU has launched a number of dedicated services wihin its new Europe Direct Valletta office. This includes specific contact details, a website and a facebook page, a newsletter and also a dedicated desk available to individuals interested to access or review information and make use of readily available material. A number of events will also be held.

For more information on the functions of EDICs click HERE

The EUROPE DIRECT network is one of the Commission’s main tools to offer information to citizens at local level and to gather citizens` feedback for the European Institutions. EDICs are a direct entry point to the Union for the citizens, offering general EU information, referring to specialised information sources, raising awareness and promoting debate.
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